IS THE PIECE REALLY 24 HRS A DAY FOR A WHOLE WEEK? yes it is! THIS JEWEL HOUSE begins on Monday April 29 at 4pm and runs day and night through Monday May 6th at 4pm. The entire saga is 168 hours long! CAN I POP IN ANYTIME? HOW LONG CAN I STAY? the piece is open from 9am to MIDNIGHT and is open t the public during those times. you may come for long as you please, maybe make a day of it. come in the morning then go to lunch or visit a nearby cemetery. come back during the evening and stay for dinner, maybe there will even be a party. unfortunatly the piece is closed to audience members from MIDNIGHT-9am. however, during thouse times the piece will be streamed live so you will not miss a single minute!! day PASS $6 weekly PASS $10 (come in anytime during open hours for the duration of the piece). come anyday or everday! WHY ARE YOU DOING SOMETHING LIKE THIS? we are artists wanting to explore the creative possibilities durational and generative music and performance. what happens when you are living what you are making after one day? now what would happen after seven?

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